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OPINION: The embarrassing Mia Love v. Ben McAdams showdown

Representative Mia Love and Mayor Ben McAdams are at each other’s throats in their campaign videos.

Each is releasing attack ads against each other in their race for the congressional seat. This negative mudslinging of the opposition is insulting my intelligence. Why would you believe the opposition? 

The McAdams’ campaign video grills Love for allegedly shady campaign finance. The voiceover claims that Love has “gone Washington.”

The Love video features a terrible pseudo-Bill Clinton impersonation tying McAdams with the Clinton family.

I interviewed Mayor Ben McAdams’ campaign manager, Andrew Roberts. He doesn’t realize that both McAdams and Love had ads that were just character assassinations.

Where is the civility in that? How are we supposed to know what’s credible and what’s not? Have you seen the ads? What did you think of them?

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