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Voter registration drives begin in earnest

SALT LAKE CITY — Elections officials in Utah and across the country are launching their biggest pushes yet for voter registration, with just over a month to go until Election Day.

Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox oversees elections in Utah, and his director of elections, Justin Lee, says thousands of people are signing up this year, possibly because of several ballot initiatives of local interest in addition to the midterm elections. But he says you can also register as late as Election Day.

“If you tried to register and maybe it got lost in the mail or there was some issue, or you just, for whatever reason, you forgot – you moved and you didn’t think about it, you can always go on Election Day and register, and then just vote there,” Lee says. “Your vote will be counted.”

If you’re not registering in person on Election Day, you have several options for registration.

“Online, by mail, in person at the polling locations. But also, if you’ve moved, you do want to update your voter registration,” Lee says.

That’s because ballots are not forwarded to a new address. You can update your address through the state elections website.

Teens as young as 17-years-old have been able to register this year in Utah, with a new law specifying that anyone who will be 18 on or before Election Day is eligible to vote.