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general conference safety update
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New security measures to debut for General Conference

SALT LAKE CITY — Get ready for new security measures next weekend at the Conference Center, for General Conference as well as other large events for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Church leaders stress, there is no security threat, perceived or otherwise, for the next semi-annual General Conference.

“We’re just trying to get consistent with what’s happening around the country, as far as how to secure our buildings,” said David Miles, Events and Support Services Director.

Miles also announced North Temple will close from West Temple to Main Street from two hours before through two hours after General Conference sessions Oct. 6-7.

Some roads will be closed for General Conference

Road closures

Going forward, the Conference Center and other Church venues won’t hold bags or belongings of visitors.

“We don’t have the time and the ability to keep people moving quickly, if we’re having to look through large items, and then trying to store them,” Miles said.

 general conference safetygeneral conference safety

General Conference usually draws ten thousand people. The Church has posted a full list of changes.