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Hill Air Force Base Open Aircraft Day

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah — On Saturday, Hill Air Force Base will open its gates and the cockpits of more than 15 aircraft to the public, the most notable of which is the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane.


Boasting a top speed of nearly 2,200 miles an hour, the Blackbird is the fastest plane that has ever flown. The SR-71 will be on display this weekend and is the only C model Blackbird that was ever built. The aricraft made its last flight in 1976 logging only 556 flight hours and found its way to Hill AFB in 1991 and has been on display ever sense.

The Base will be hosting more than twenty SR-71 pilots and other crew members who will be sharing their experiences and providing rare tours of the aircraft, including opening the cockpit, that will be on display throughout Saturday.

Other Aircraft set to be on display include the  C-130, A-10, F-16, F-15, B-17, P-47, C-140, JN-4, H-3 and H-53.

Gates open at 10:00 am and close at 4:30 pm and admission is free. The museum is located just off Exit 338 near the Roy Gate.