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SLC Public Utilities says it’s time to turn your sprinklers off

Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities says now is the time to check your automatic sprinklers and cut down on your lawn watering.​

According to Communications and Engagement Manager Holly Mullen, your lawn should only need watering once every week right now, even on the heels of a particularly dry summer.

“The grasses that have been drying out so much over this hot summer are already starting to rebound and come back,” Mullen said. “There’s no need to water more than once a week this time of year.”

Mullen said many people forget to check their automatic sprinklers until the weather gets colder. She suggests setting your timer for once a week, or for turning your timer off altogether and checking the forecast — a small rain storm or two will replace having to water at all.

“We’re just urging people to conserve,” Mullen said. “It will help save water, as well as help their pocketbooks.”

Watering less frequently may benefit your lawn, too. According to Salt Lake City’s lawn watering guide, “watering every day creates shallow roots. Watering infrequently develops deep roots and healthier turf.  Grass root grow deeper into the soil and become stronger with less watering.”

The guide also says you can check if your lawn needs to be watered by stepping on it — if the grass doesn’t spring back after being pressed down, it’s time to water.

You can also access weekly lawn watering recommendations for your county through the Division of Water Resources conservation program.