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Octavio Estrada-Mendez. Credit: Weber County Sheriff's Office.
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Ogden man arrested for attempted murder, kidnapping

Octavio Estrada-Mendez. Credit: Weber County Sheriff's Office

An Ogden man was arrested Saturday after a car chase that ended in foot pursuit. Octavio Estrada-Mendez, 20, was booked on suspicion of attempted murder, kidnapping and possession of controlled substances with intent to distribute, among other charges.

According to the South Ogden Police Department, Estrada-Mendez got into an altercation with an associate at the Newgate Mall in Ogden before telling him they could “take this outside.” Police say the victim was walking towards his car when Estrada-Mendez fired one round from a handgun, striking the victim in the upper left torso. Estrada-Mendez then jumped in the driver’s seat of his girlfriend’s truck and quickly drove off.

A South Ogden police detective in the area heard the gunshot and saw the truck leave the scene quickly and immediately engaged his emergency sirens to pursue Estrada-Mendez. The officer says Estrada-Mendez refused to stop, driving dangerously through downtown Ogden at speeds greater than 70 MPH. At times Estrada-Mendez drove the wrong direction through traffic, nearly causing several accidents. He ultimately stopped the car on the 1100 block of 23rd street and fled on foot, after which an Ogden Police Department officer was able to apprehend him.

Estrada-Mendez’s girlfriend, who was in the truck with their son when Estrada-Mendez shot his victim, told police that Estrada-Mendez jumped in the car and said “I’m sorry” before leaving the scene. She says she asked him to pull over as soon as she saw the police sirens behind them, but Estrada-Mendez refused. She said she repeatedly asked him to stop, and told police she feared for her and her son’s life several times during the car chase.

Police also found a backpack containing 217 grams of marijuana, 31 grams of methamphetamine, and a scale and packaging materials in Estrada-Mendez’s girlfriend’s truck. She told police he brought the backpack with him when she picked him up that day.

Estrada-Mendez has been charged with attempted murder of his shooting victim, who is in stable condition, and two counts of kidnapping, as well as child endangerment, resisting arrest, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.