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Kanye West interrupts SNL to praise Trump, criticizes 13th amendment

Kanye West broke into an unscripted, pro-Trump speech in front of Saturday Night Live’s studio audience on Saturday night. The speech, however, never made it to the air.

Donning a red “Make America Great Again” hat, rapper Kanye West, with SNL cast members standing behind him, interrupted a performance of his song “Ghost Town” to deliver his political speech:

“The blacks weren’t always Democrats. You know it’s like the plan they did, uh, to take the fathers out the home and promote welfare. Does anybody know about that? That’s a Democratic plan.”

Kanye went on to complain that he had been “bullied” by the SNL crew for wearing a “MAGA” hat:

“They bullied me backstage. They said, ‘Don’t go out there with that hat on.’ They bullied me backstage! They bullied me!”

During the speech, Kanye also claimed that he was “running in 2020”, presumably meaning that he intends to run for President of the United States.

The off-the-cuff speech was filmed and shared over Instagram by audience members, including comedian Chris Rock:

Canceled for time

Kanye West, dressed as a Perrier bottle, during the aired portion of his SNL performance. September 29, 2018. (NBC/Broadway Video)

NBC has formally declined to comment on Kanye West’s speech and their decision not to air it. Since the show is aired lived, however, it is unlikely that West’s speech was deliberately censored.

An anonymous source told People that “the show was already off the air when he started his rant.” The speech, according to their source, was simply given too late to make it on the show.

The anonymous source also refuted West’s claims that he had been bullied for wearing a MAGA hat, saying that West “wore it in promos all week before the show even aired.”

Even though it was unaired, West’s rant still caught considerable attention. President Trump himself has taken to Twitter to praise Kanye West’s speech:

West has made it clear that he still has much more to say. On Sunday, he took to Twitter to build on his SNL rant, this time calling for the end dof the 13th Amendment that abolished slavery:

West has yet to clarify his political positions. It remains unclear which Democrat legislation he believes harmed African-American families or how he feels the 13th Amendment needs to be amended.

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