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Special Programming for Conference Weekend

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KSL NewsRadio Broadcast Schedule

188th Semi-annual General Conference

FALL 2018

Special programming is brought to you by LDS Singles. Latter-day Saints trust LDS Singles in their search for meaningful relationships. Find your soulmate today.

8:00 AM                 KSL Greenhouse

9:30 AM                 General Conference Saturday

10:00 AM              Saturday General Conference Session 1

12:00 PM              “Returning Remains” with Brian Martin and Kira Hoffelmeyer

                                  Using today’s technology to find yesterday’s missing heroes

1:00 PM                 “When Nothing Else Works” with Amanda Dickson

12:00 PM              Saturday General Conference Session 2

4:00 PM                 Saturday Night Love with Amanda Dickson

The LDS Matchmaker is a personal matchmaking service with hundreds of OFFLINE dating success stories!

5:00 PM                 Regular programming



8:00 AM                 “A Woman’s View” General Conference special

8:30 AM                 “Sisters of the Restoration” with Doug Wright

The true story behind the unlikely friendship of Jane Manning James and Emma Hale Smith,

9:00 AM                 “After It All” General Conference Special

9:30 AM                 Music and the Spoken Word

10:00 AM              Sunday General Conference Session 1

12:00 PM              “Saints: The Story of the Church of Jesus Christ in the Latter Days” with Doug Wright

Doug Wright hosts a discussion of the first volume of a four-volume narrative history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day

1:00 PM                 “Not All Business (Host: Jeff Caplan)

LDS Business College offers great educational options in a spirit driven environment

2:00 PM                 Sunday General Conference Session 2

4:00 PM                 Derek Overstreet

5:00 PM                 Rick Edelman

7:00 PM                 Regular programming