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OPINION: Are Republicans to blame for pushing Kavanaugh through?

The Republicans have their share of blame in this situation as well.

When these allegations came to light, rather than delaying the hearing, calling for an immediate investigation, and putting the hearing on hold, they decided to push the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh through as fast as they could.

The Republicans felt that there was no need for an investigation because the Senate was capable of conducting their own investigation that would be enough to make their decision.

Kavanaugh, after all, had already been investigated by the FBI 6 times prior to this nomination.

The echoes of the Anita Hill hearing has reverberated throughout this entire process and it seems that the Senate has yet to figure out a proper process to assess these types of situations in a way that is bipartisan.

I decided to take some time to see what our listeners thought about how all of this is playing out. It seems that most people are not happy about this process and this is kind of payback for not granting Merrick Garland a fair hearing when President Obama nominated him.

Others believe that the actions of minors aren’t enough to prevent Judge Kavanaugh to be confirmed.

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