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explosion caught on video
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Line drops on TRAX, causes explosion, closure, delays

SALT LAKE CITY — An explosion on a Trax train Tuesday night shut down all lines through downtown Salt Lake City.

Several videos sent to KSL Newsradio show sparks and large fireballs on and around the train as the rain falls.

UTA officials say a catenary wire that carries power and runs above the train fell onto it just after 10 pm.

Thirty people were on the train when it happened. No one was seriously injured but one person was taken to the hospital with a wrist injury.

Southbound lanes of Main Street between 300 South and 400 South are closed as crews are repairing the line and TRAX riders face delays.

A bus bridge for the Red, Blue and Green lines starts at Ballpark Station. It runs to the Trolley station near 600 East for Red Line passengers and to the Planetarium for Blue Line passengers and to the North Temple Bridge for Green Line Passengers.