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Millcreek Starbucks (Photo: Peter Samore)
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Man shot after confrontation at Millcreek Starbucks

Millcreek Starbucks shortly after the attack. (Photo: Peter Samore)

MILLCREEK — A 37-year-old suspect was hospitalized in critical condition after Unified Police say a customer at a Millcreek Starbucks shot him once in the chest.

Detective Ken Hansen says the shooter claims the suspect was coming at him, right after the suspect attacked a female clerk.

“The suspect turned and was approaching the shooter, I think from his perspective, it’s going to be a self-defense kind of issue,” Hansen added.

That customer had a concealed weapon permit and apparently knew the female victim well.

“The clerk was transported to a local hospital in fair condition,” Hansen said. “She has injuries to her head from being assaulted and apparently being hit by a metal object.”

The suspect has been identified as 37-year-old Benjamin Overall.  He’s believed to be a homeless man who had been convicted of intoxication earlier this year after he tried to go into a hotel room that wasn’t his.

“They have some information that he’s had some issues with mental health,” Hansen says.

Police had to taser Overall after he had been shot in the chest and was hospitalized in critical condition.  He was later upgraded after doctors determined the bullet missed vital organs.

Hansen says Overall was also harassing people at the 7-Eleven across the street.

Nate Nesbitt with Starbucks media relations issued this statement about the shooting…

“We are thankful all partners (employees) and customers are safe after going through such a terrifying experience. Our focus is on supporting our partners at this time. We are grateful local authorities were there to help and would direct any further questions their way.”

In 2013, Starbucks had asked their customers not to bring their weapons into the store, but, they say it wasn’t a complete ban.

(Contributing: Paul Nelson)