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Feral dog still loose in WVC livestock attacks

WEST VALLEY CITY — West Valley City officials are focusing more resources on capturing a feral dog they say has killed dozens of animals and attacked a young boy.

feral dog

KSL TV crews spotted the feral dog while conducting interviews for this story.

Goats, chickens, even a 6-foot tall alpaca — all believed to be killed by a feral, male Akita-German Shepherd mix. The assault on area livestock has been going on longer than a year. More than 40 animals are dead.

The West Valley City Animal Control Division has spent thousands of dollars in employee hours attempting to capture the dog.

In a search warrant, police say it’s just a matter of time before the dog tires of killing livestock and turns on other dogs — or more humans. They also believe the attacks on livestock appear unprovoked, at random, and possibly even for fun.

Officials believe a handful of people living in the area are taking turns giving the beast a place to go.

Officers say one homeowner completely refuses to cooperate, threatening to sue if a single West Valley City employee steps foot on his property.

Another note of concern – officials believe the dog has learned to spot and avoid animal control officers.

Anybody who spots the feral dog or has information about where it may be is asked to call West Valley City Animal Services at 801-965-5800.