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Chayse suffered burns when a pressure cooker exploded
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Pressure cooker blast burns two-year-old

BURLEY, Idaho — A mom in Burley, Idaho, says she may never use a pressure cooker again after hers exploded while cooking a roast, severely burning her two-year-old.

pressure cooker injury

Travis Bodily (left) encourages Chayse to put basketballs through his small basket. It’s a part of his therapy in getting him to raise his arms to make sure the skin in his upper body heals properly. (Mike Anderson, KSL TV)

“I was going to get some drippings to make gravy, and it was like a bubble formed and a bomb went off. It went BOOM,” Angela Bodily says.

The toddler’s injuries were immediately apparent.

“His skin was just sliding off his body,” Bodily says. “It was like the scariest thing to see your child’s skin coming off.”

Chayse Bodily was burned over 14 percent of his body. He was airlifted to Salt Lake City, where he spent nearly two weeks at Primary Children’s Hospital for burn treatment. Back home now, Chayse is still undergoing outpatient treatment for his burns.

Angela Bodily says she still doesn’t know what went wrong with her pressure cooker, which she says she had used many times before.

“I loved them. Absolutely loved them,” she said. “I used them all the time. I don’t know if I can ever use one again.”

She’s urging other parents to use caution with pressure cookers or any other device in the kitchen.

The full story is available from KSL TV.

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