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Disney's High School Musical
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Disney’s ‘High School Musical’ reboot to film in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY – On Thursday, The Utah Film Commission announced with the Governor’s Office of Economic Affairs that it has reached a production deal with the Walt Disney Company to produce a new series as a successor to the High School Musical franchise.

The series, which is slated to begin production in early 2019, will be in addition to more than 40 projects Disney has filmed in Utah, including “Andi Mack”, a children’s program currently airing on the Disney Channel.

Disney's High School Musical first aired in 2006.

Disney’s High School Musical first aired in 2006.

The series will be produced by the franchise’s two original screenwriters, Bill Borden and Barry Rosenbush, as well as Oliver Goldstick, best known for his work in the drama series Pretty Little Liars, and written by former Broadway performer Tim Federle. The series will center on a group of East High students as they prepare to stage a musical performance, much like the made-for-television films.

Utah Film Commission Director Virginia Pierce said in a statement, “[W]e’re incredibly proud of its resonating impact with generations of young people. We’re thrilled to introduce a fresh take on this classic story and continue to support Disney’s production here in Utah.”

Disney’s Impact in Utah:

Disney’s current production of “Andi Mack”, currently underway of its third season, has created over 3,500 jobs and created $175 million of in-state spending so far, according to the Film Commission. By contrast, this 10-episode series is expected to generate $14 million, and air on Disney’s yet to be released streaming service, slated to premiere shortly after the production of the series finishes later in 2019.

Susette Hsiung, Executive V.P. of Network Production Management and Operations, in a press release, added: “We’re looking forward to continuing our work with Utah’s Film Commission and with the state’s outstanding production crews, facilities, and incentive program which have contributed to high-quality content for kids and families.”