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Police describe the events that led to officer-involved shooting in West Jordan

WEST JORDAN — More information is coming out about the man who was shot and killed by police in West Jordan.  Investigators say it wasn’t the first time that man had been threatening his victim.

(Photo Credit: KSL TV)

The police weren’t actually called to the apartment on Cherry Leaf Way by the woman 22-year-old Diamonte Riviore was accused of threatening. West Jordan Police Sergeant J.C. Holt says they were called by a loved one who got a text from the victim.

“They had established a code word that meant, ‘I need help,’” Holt says.

Officers are familiar with Riviore because they had been called to the home very recently.

Holt says, “He was arrested last week for threatening her with a knife.  He had been taken to jail, booked into jail and had bailed out or had been released and gone back to the house and did the same thing.”

When police arrived, Riviore was still reportedly holding the knife he threatened the woman with and refused to drop it when the officers ordered him to.  Holt says two officers fired tasers, which had no effect.  That’s when the shots were fired.

“That resulted in our other officer firing two shots at the suspect, striking him and killing him,” Holt says.

The Unified Police Department is handling the investigation.  At least one officer was wearing a body camera, but, Holt isn’t sure when the public would see that video.

He says, “We do not anticipate that we will be able to release that any time soon.  Obviously, the case needs to go to the District Attorney’s office.  The body camera footage is really a piece of evidence.”