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West Valley Police arrested two people in connection with a woman's hit-and-run death. The suspects lived with the victim and reportedly got in an argument.
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Suspect being investigated for soliciting teen girls for sex, offering $70,000

RIVERTON — Unified Police are warning parents to pay attention to what their children are doing on social media and smartphone apps after a man was accused of offering thousands of dollars to teen girls in exchange for sex.

According to Unified Police, in at least one instance, the suspect left a note on a car full of teen girls with his phone number and the offer of $70,000 to have sex with him and have his baby.

Investigators say the 27-year-old suspect, who KSL is choosing not to identify as charges have not yet been filed, has changed his story several times. They say he denies some of the accusations leveled against him, and admits to others; including meeting other teen girls on dating apps.

Investigators have found additional victims and are worried there might be more, according to Unified Police Lt. Melody Gray.

“If there are additional victims that are out there, we would hope that they come forward if they received some strange communications from unknown people,” says Lt. Gray.

Gray says it’s important for parents to be vigilant in knowing what their kids are up to.

“Paper notes, applications, chat rooms, all these things are always potential areas for predators to take advantage of our children,” says Gray.

Investigators will meet with prosecutors later this week to determine whether to file formal charges.