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7-Eleven robbery theft
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7-Eleven customers help themselves to unlocked store

MAGNA — Police say people helped themselves to the five finger discount at a Utah 7-Eleven, after a clerk left the doors unlocked.

Officers say the clerk at the 7-Eleven near 2900 S. and 8400 W. in Magna reached the end of her overnight shift, but no one came to relieve her, so eventually, she left, leaving the store unlocked and open.

Police say an officer driving by saw the people inside and thought there was a robbery in progress. But since there was no use of force and no victim, it wasn’t a robbery – and since no one had to break in, it was not a burglary, either. Therefore, if any charges result, they would likely be shoplifting and theft. However, it seems unlikely anyone will be charged.

They believe people mostly stole food items and cigarettes.

The clerk did come back a short time later to check on the store.