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New poll shows voter priorities two weeks ahead of election

SALT LAKE CITY — The countdown continues to Election Day, and voters shared their priorities for Utah state government in a new poll.

Thirty-five percent of Utahns want higher quality K-12 education.

Question 1 asks them to support a 10-cent per gallon gasoline tax for schools and roads.

The new Dan Jones-Utah Policy poll also finds Utahns prioritize cleaner air and reduced healthcare costs.

Proposition 3 would force state government to expand Medicaid coverage.

Investment in infrastructure, like roads, water and sewers, had 13% support. Reducing crime came in at 10%.

The state of Utah has general information for Election Day, Nov. 6.

Look for voter guides on all issues facing Utah voters on the ballot on our website, including information about mail-in ballot deadlines and how to find your polling location.