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Lightning blasts hole through St. George home

ST. GEORGE — Kristen Stocks was sleeping in her home in Little Valley when she woke to a noise she said sounded like a “bomb exploding” after lightning struck her home.

According to St. George News, at 2:15 Stocks ran upstairs and immediately saw that lightning had caused the loud boom that rang throughout her house.

The lightning strike left a huge hole in the roof of the house that quickly began filling the upstairs with rain from the passing storm thunderstorm.

Stocks’ children were sleeping upstairs during the storm leaving them first to witness the damage the strike had left above their two-story homes stairs.


The strike didn’t start any fires, hit pipes or electrical wires but one of the roof support beams was broken from the blast.

St. George Fire Department responded to the home making sure there were no “hidden fires” started by the lightning.

Fire officials placed a tarp over the hole to prevent more rain from coming through into the residence.

The family has yet to assess the damage and determine how much it will cost to repair the house.

Stocks says she is “just happy her house didn’t have more damage and isn’t burned down.”

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