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OPINION: Caravan: Why the lack of humanity disturbs me

Hundreds of migrants hitch a ride in a truck between Niltepec and Juchitan, Mexico, Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2018. The migrant caravan slowly advancing through southern Mexico is demanding that the Mexican government help its 4,000-some members reach Mexico City. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

Is the caravan made up of illegal immigrants or is this an outright invasion? Neither. They are coming to seek political asylum, which is a legal process.

People coming here to seek asylum as refugees are not assaulters. Threatening loss of foreign aid will only hurt the asylum seekers. Building a wall does nothing to stop the caravan or change the outcome.

Yes–the effort is organized by another group with funding. The group’s volunteers help the migrants stay together to protect themselves from danger along the way, including from criminals and natural elements, but also to move past law enforcement officials. It’s called “Pueblo Sin Fronteras,” and this is the organization’s 15th year of helping people cross borders.

Is the caravan made up of MS-13 gang members and Middle Easterners, as President Donald Trump claims? There’s absolutely no evidence to support that claim. That claim is designed to create fear. MS-13 is a U.S. gang. Coming through the asylum process would be a huge mistake for gang members because people are vetted through this process. Those who have nefarious purposes would be much better served to try to cross the border in the middle of the night.

Also, when Trump claims that the caravan is the fault of the Democrats, there’s just no evidence. Let’s look at it from the asylum-seekers’ view: you’re walking 1,500 miles in flip flops, carrying your own children on your back to appease the Dems? Don’t the Republicans have control of all branches of government? How does it help the Democrats?

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