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OPINION: Why can’t we come together after package bombs scare?

We have lost our minds over politics. When this started, people wanted to blame the Democrats for sending bombs to themselves.

Will we get back to the place where we demand civility? Where when people use anger and hate to rile us up we say, “No, sir. That’s not what America is.” When will get back to a place where we care when our political rivals are hurt?

When our fellow Americans are under attack, why is our number one concern the elections? No! We have lost our humanity and we’ve lost our minds. We’re so jaded that we’ve lost America–it’s gone. It’s something else now. This won’t be the last if we continue to allow this. Can we let this be a wake-up call? Or on Monday are we going to go back to the same old nonsense? I think Monday we go back to the madness, and that’s very sad.

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