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Search continues for murder suspect out of Moab

MOAB — The manhunt continues out of Moab, where a man was found dead in a mobile home park Sunday morning.

The suspect and victim barely knew each other.

“I really feel like this was a wrong place, wrong time situation,” said police chief Jim Winder. “I think our suspect is a violent individual.”

Winder says the suspect, possibly named “Martin Armenta Verduzco Lopez,” or “Omar,” shot and killed Edgar Najera, 30, who was known in the community.

“There are many people in this town that are grieving because of his loss, and there are people that witnessed this that are going to be terribly traumatized,” Winder said.

Winder says witnesses are cooperating. The Utah Dept. of Public Safety sent Spanish interpreters to help them.

He adds “Omar” may be off to Grand Junction, Colorado or the Mexican border.