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Clementine the baby Zebra
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Oh, my darlin’! Meet Clementine, Hogle Zoo’s new Zebra

Photo: Hogle Zoo

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah’s Hogle Zoo is welcoming an adorable new baby Zebra named Clementine, born Oct. 23 and already bonding nicely with mother, Zoe.

This new face joins Zibby, the Zebra that debuted in June, and Georgetta the baby giraffe, who joined the Savanna crew last month.

A generous donor named the baby that tipped the scales at 85 pounds.

According to the zoo, Clementine is the third Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra ever born at Utah’s Hogle Zoo.

Mother Zoe gave birth to baby Poppy last year, making Clementine Zoe’s second foal.

Ziggy, father to all three babies, is doing well. Zookeepers report he is “watching with mild curiosity¬†from afar.”

“Clementine has no fear,” said Melissa Farr, lead keeper at African Savanna, in a statement. “The other foals stayed pretty close to the barn on their first day on Savanna. But Clementine ran all the way to the west end right near the lions. She’s so brave and loves to explore.”

Zoo officials say the baby is doing great, nursing regularly, and working on her kicks.

Mama Zoe is very protective and proving to be a wonderful second-time mom.

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