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Early voting numbers projected to outpace 2014

A person casts her ballot at a polling station.

SALT LAKE CITY — The Salt Lake County Clerk is seeing a steady line of people voting early this year and expect it to outpace early voting from four years ago.

It’s an encouraging sign for the Salt Lake County Clerk’s Office. They project more people will take advantage of early voting this year compared the last mid-term elections four years ago.

Salt Lake County Clerk Sherrie Swensen says there were only five-thousand early voters who took advantage of the system in all of 2014. But they’ve already seen roughly a thousand early voters just at the county complex.

“There’s no line at early voting,” Swensen said. “If people want to vote in person or need to vote in person, we really want them to come and do that.”

More votes are expected to come in early, especially with new satellite polling locations opening up on Wednesday. Ten more satellite locations are set to open tomorrow through Friday and they’ll re-open the day before Election Day.

For more information regarding early voting, guides for each proposition, the different Constitutional Amendments that you’ll see on the ballot, and voter updates, be sure to check out the Your Voice, Your Vote 2018 hub on KSL Newsradio.

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