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Your Voice, Your Vote — Voter registration deadlines

FILE PHOTO (Michael Conroy, AP)

Mid-term elections are exactly one week from today, but the deadline for registration to vote is today.

This week we’re looking at the issues and candidates Utahans will consider as they mail in their ballots or visit local polling stations.

You’re planning to do your civic duty and vote in next week’s mid-term election, right? What? You haven’t mailed in your ballot? You’re not even registered to vote?

State Elections Director Justin Lee says there’s still time.

“The deadline to register to vote either online or in person with the County Clerk’s Office is October 30th,” says Lee.

Here’s how you do that.

“Now in person you’re going to want to be at the County Clerk’s Office before close of business but you can register though online up through 11:59 pm and get that in there,” Lee explains.

So, what if you can’t make it today or maybe it slips your mind to register online before midnight?

“The great news is if somebody misses that deadline, for the first time ever in Utah we have the ability for people to register to vote and vote at the polls on election day,” Lee says.

And what exactly would someone need to register same-day?

“So in order to do that, you’re going to need two forms of I.D. that show who you are and where your residence is at. So, something like a driver’s license and a bank statement, or a utility bill or something again that proves who you are and that you do live at that address so you can get the right ballot.”

What if you’ve moved and haven’t updated your voter registration? You can still update your registration today in person at the county clerk’s office or online.

“If not what you do is you go on election day and they’ll give you a provisional ballot and what that does is you’ll basically register there at the polls with your new address and then that vote will be counted,” says Lee.

Lee’s basically saying there’s no excuse to not vote. Unless you just plan on not voting at all, and in that case, disregard all of this and carry on.