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Two children hit by car in West Jordan crosswalk

FILE PHOTO (Shutterstock)

WEST JORDAN — Two children were hit by a car this morning in a West Jordan crosswalk. Their upset father is asking drivers to slow down and look out for pedestrians with the darker early morning hours.

Nathon Boyle’s son only sustained a minor leg injury, but his daughter…

“She has a fractured, or a broken left foot, a broken right knee, her front pelvis has hairline fractures, and she has fractures on the back of her pelvis,” says Boyle.

This after she went over the hood of the car. Boyle’s third child was not harmed, but understandably shaken up by the situation.

Boyle says people need to be aware that this busy crosswalk at 7500 S. 2700 W. has lots of kids heading to and from school throughout the day.

“Get your head out of your phone and pay attention, because it almost killed two of my kids today,” Boyle asks.

The driver reportedly told police they did not see the children until the last minute. The kids say it looked to them like the car was slowing down for them before they entered the crosswalk.

It’s unclear if the driver of the car will face charges.