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Bridge opens over I-15 in Lehi to reduce congestion

LEHI — A new bridge over I-15 at Thanksgiving Point will hopefully start to reduce heavy traffic congestion, especially during continuous construction.

The Triumph Boulevard Bridge will start with two lanes each way.

“When everything is done, when we have all the lanes opened up here, and the frontage roads are done, at the end of the project in 2020, it’ll provide a great benefit,” said UDOT Construction Manager Boyd Humphries.

The new bridge is one of 17 bridges that will be built or rebuilt through Lehi’s “Technology Corridor.”

UDOT estimates 160,000 cars pass through here daily, a sign of a large population growth.

“People and companies moving into the state, every day and every month, and more development happening are great things for the state and our economy,” said UDOT Spokesman John Gleason. “But we want to make sure that we’re making the right and intelligent decisions for our future.”

Gleason adds the construction should accommodate growth for 20 years.