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Man charged with having 100 gigabytes of child pornography

Photo: Davis County Sheriff's Office

KAYSVILLE — A man is facing felony charges after authorities tracked child pornography to his computer.

Charging documents state undercover officers downloaded child porn videos from an I.P. address associated with the home of Daniel Warner, 38. Investigators say there was roughly 100 gigabytes worth.

Officers went to Warner’s home with a warrant, but he was in Baltimore at the time. A Davis County Jail booking report states Warner admitted to downloading the material on the dark web and using torrents after officers reached him by phone. He was arrested at the Salt Lake City International Airport the same day.

That jail booking report indicates Warner is a volunteer for a foster care program, and also says a toddler may have made comments indicating possible sexual abuse.

Officers said Warner is a danger to the community in that booking report.

He’s facing eight counts of sexual exploitation of a minor — all second-degree felonies.