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BYU defensive back prefers playing on the road because of “downer” fans

FILE LaVell Edwards Stadium

Michael Shelton, defensive back for the BYU Cougars, said he prefers playing away from Lavell Edwards Stadium because the atmosphere is a lot better on the road.

“I am going to give you an honest opinion, I like playing on the road because to me I think the atmosphere is a lot better than our atmosphere at home,” Shelton said during a media availability Tuesday after practice.

He went on to say, “Sometimes our fans can be a downer and it brings us down.”

Some BYU fans used Twitter to agree with Shelton’s comments.

While others were disappointed with his statements.

On KSL’s Unrivaled Scott Mitchell told listeners about being booed, at home for five years by Detroit Lions fans.  

“Seriously, you CAN NOT say this,” Mitchell said.