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Mobile app shows political affiliation of contacts, voter history

FILE PHOTO (David Goldman, Associated Press)

SALT LAKE CITY — There’s a new smartphone app available which lets you see whether your friends have voted and their political party affiliation.

It’s called Vote With Me, and it essentially compiles public voter registration information and then matches it to the contacts on your phone.

According to the app’s developers, the goal is to get out the vote. It gives users a list of the voters in their contact list with the biggest potential impact based on the area they live in. The idea being you would then encourage those friends to cast their ballots.

If the issue of privacy bothers you, again, this app only uses information already available about registered voters.

You can choose to make your information private when you register. In fact, you can set your registration info to private by calling the county clerk’s office or going online to register and make that selection.