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supporter apologized to jim acosta
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OPINION: How CNN’s Jim Acosta & Trump supporter mended fences

Do you remember when CNN’s Jim Acosta was booed and attacked at a rally for President Donald Trump? People in the audience were sending all kinds of gestures that indicated that Acosta is “number one—” if you get my drift.

Through all of the terrible news out there this week, there was a bright moment that I wanted to share – a moment of civility with you.

At a recent rally, two of these Trump-supporters and flip-off extraordinaires approached Jim Acosta after the rally had ended. Keep in mind, one of them had a “Make America Great Again” hat on and the other was a woman who had a “Women for Trump” sign in her hands.

Of course, Jim Acosta was concerned about how this would end, especially in light of President Trump’s anti-media rhetoric, so he asked them what they would like to talk about.

“I just wanted to apologize for flipping you off in Tampa,” the man said. “I got carried away. I was asking for facts and not opinions—that’s all we wanted.”

Can we have more of that, please? More civility? More agreeing to disagree and coming together?

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