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Utah ACLU urges county clerks to promote election day registration

FILE PHOTO (Ravell Call, Deseret News)

SALT LAKE CITY — The ACLU of Utah is urging county clerks to increase visibility of election day registration in the final days before the November 6 election.

According to the organization, it’s difficult to find details about election day registration on many county websites.

“We’d like to see county clerks put that up front, in big letters, on their website saying ‘look, you can show up on election day, register, and cast a ballot’,” says Strategic Communications Director Jason Stevenson.

Stevenson also says poll workers should receive additional training to ensure unregistered voters are taken care of Tuesday.

“They don’t shoo them away, but they say ‘you know what, here’s a provisional ballot, we’re glad you’re here, go ahead and cast your ballot’,” explains Stevenson.

This is the first year election day registration is available in all 29 counties.