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Voter turnout could hit record numbers with one more day to go

SALT LAKE CITY – On average, mid-term elections don’t hold the same appeal for voters as the major elections which include casting a ballot for President of the United States.  But, 2018 could be bucking the trend.

In Utah, ballots for 550,000 voters were already received by Friday; that’s 40-percent of all registered voters in the Beehive State.  And the state director of elections, Justin Lee, says “The numbers are certainly looking up.  We haven’t even hit Election Day yet.”

Lee says the 2014 mid-term election drew a 46 percent of all registered voters.  And with Utah allowing people to register and vote on the same day, this year should surpass the previous off-year election.

The Associated Press reports 28 states have already surpassed their 2014 early voting numbers and Utah looks to do the same before election day on Tuesday, November 6th.

Lee says there have been a few problems counties are working through with the mail in ballots, but explained “With voting, polling locations being available on Election Day, any voter who has issues or thinks there may be an issue can always vote on Election Day instead of early voting.”

Utah is also offering same day registration on November 6th.  Anyone who still wants to have their voice heard but never registered to vote in their district can do so the same day the cast their ballot.