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Davis County is seeing high voter numbers so far in 2018
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Vote-by-mail deadline passed, Davis County is seeing high voter numbers

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DAVIS COUNTY – The deadline to mail in your ballot has come and gone, but, elections officials are still urging people to fill in their mail-in ballots tonight, so they won’t have to wait in line tomorrow. County Clerk Curtis Koch says Davis County is seeing high voter numbers.

Koch says his office has been hammering home three things among voters.  Walk and drop, walk and drop, and walk and drop… meaning walk into a polling location.  Even when there was time to mail in ballots, he had been recommending against it for a while.

“We’ve encouraged Davis County residents… after Friday or Saturday, don’t mail it,” Koch says.

Koch says he had full confidence in the U.S. Postal Service, but, there was a chance that the ballot wouldn’t be postmarked in time if someone had mailed it.

He says Davis County has already seen 47 percent of registered voters cast their ballots, which is what they saw in all of the 2014 election cycle.

“I was out gathering ballots this morning at city offices and there was a steady stream of people dropping off ballots,” he adds.

However, even with so many people taking advantage of early voting, there could be some long lines at polling places tomorrow.

“Take that ballot.  If there are lines, you could walk past those line and drop off that ballot.  That’s what we’re encouraging people to do at this point,” Koch says.