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North Ogden Mayor Maj. Taylor to return to Utah next week

FILE PHOTO -- Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News

NORTH OGDEN — The Utah National Guard is expecting the body of fallen North Ogden Mayor Maj. Brent Taylor to be returned to Utah early next week.

Major Taylor’s commanding officer, Utah National Guard Maj. Gen. Jeff Burton is heartbroken by Taylor’s loss, but grateful to be able to provide support to those who will miss him most.

“Very happy that we could be with the family,” says Burton. “They’re remarkable and holding up very well considering.”

Major Brent Taylor

North Ogden Mayor Brent Taylor, who also served as a major in the Utah Army National Guard, poses for a photo during his deployment in Afghanistan, which was shared to his public Facebook page in October 2018. Taylor was killed in Afghanistan on Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018. (Photo: Brent Taylor)

Burton flew with Maj. Taylor’s body back from Afghanistan. Burton feels there’s something sacred about returning a fallen service member to U.S. soil.

“To see that casket come off that plane, it was painful, yet, for his wife, I think it was in a sense healing to have him back here,” Burton explains.

North Ogden city officials say there will be a vigil outside the Taylor home Wednesday night for those who knew him best.

Funeral details are still in the planning.