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Utah man remembers officer killed in Thousand Oaks shooting

(Photo credit: Ventura County Sheriff's Department)

CEDAR HILLS – A former police officer in Utah is honoring the officer killed in Thousand Oaks shooting saying he was the “most professional officer” he had worked with.

When he first heard that a sheriff’s deputy was killed in the shooting, Christopher Williams from Cedar Hills was worried that the officer was someone he used to work with.  His worst fears were confirmed, later.

“When I got to work, I saw it on TV and I just dropped,” Williams says.

Williams worked closely with Helus when they were both deputies with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office.  He says they even were partnered together on patrol duty for several years, and they became close friends.

“I helped him move.  He helped me move.  We went to each other’s weddings,” he adds.

Williams says his former colleague was constantly learning how to be a better officer, and there was nothing Helus couldn’t do.

“He was a range master, meaning, he taught people how to shoot at the range.  He was a Swat officer for a while.  He worked narcotics, for a while,” adding, “I’ve worked with officers from many departments and at many different levels and Ron was a master at what he did.  He excelled at everything.”

Williams says he isn’t surprised Helus died a hero, as he was always the kind of officer who would run into a potentially dangerous situation.

“I knew Ron wouldn’t hesitate to help,” Williams says.