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Susan Cox Powell audio journals ten years
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Investigative reporter announces new podcast about Susan Powell

Susan Powell disappeared on Dec. 7, 2009. Her body has never been found.

Nobody knows for sure what happened to her, but from the moment she disappeared, suspicion has been cast upon her husband Josh, whose only alibi was his claim that he’d taken their two boys, Charlie and Braden, on a midnight camping trip in the desert in the middle of a blizzard.

For two years, the police slowly built up a case against Josh Powell. But that investigation was cut tragically short on Feb. 5, 2012, when the worst tragedy imaginable struck.

Josh killed their two boys. He poured gasoline around the house and attacked them with a hatchet. Then he set the house aflame, ending both his children’s lives as well as his own.

Josh Powell's home after the explosion.

The ruins of Josh Powell’s home in Graham, Washington after he murdered his children. Feb. 7, 2012. (Photo: Ravell Call, Deseret News)

On May 21, 2013, West Valley City Police declared the case cold.

Susan’s still hadn’t been found, and there were still countless questions left unanswered, but the lead suspect was dead. The investigation was shut down, and every question about Susan’s disappearance was laid to rest.

Until now.

Cold: A three-year investigation into the disappearance of Susan Powell

Cold Podcast

Cold, a new podcast from KSL Newsradio, will present never-before-heard interviews and discoveries into the disappearance of Susan Powell. (Photo: Cold / KSL Newsradio)

For the past three years, Dave Cawley has been studying every detail of the Susan Powell case files.

In 2016, Cawley and KSL Newsradio filed public records requests to get his hands on every possible document related to Susan’s case.

He has scrutinized thousands upon thousands of pages of police reports, diary entries, interview transcripts, and more. He has spoken to every person involved the case willing to talk, visited the sites of every major event, and followed new leads to speak to people who have never publicly shared their part of the case.

Now, after three years of investigative work, Cawley is ready to share what he’s learned in a new, multi-part podcast series called Cold.

The last will and testament of Susan Powell

“If I die,” Susan Powell wrote shortly before her death, “it may not be an accident.” (Cold / KSL Newsradio)

Cold represents the most thorough investigation into the disappearance of Susan Powell ever conducted. It analyzes every aspect of the Powell family, from the abuse Susan endured at Josh’s hands, the traumatic that shaped who Josh would become, and the mistakes made that could have saved Charlie and Braden’s lives.

KSL invites you to join Dave Cawley as he pulls apart every detail the case and tries to uncover, at long last, what really happened to Susan Powell.

Listen to Cold on the KSL Newsradio website or on Apple Podcasts. Look for additional information and resources at

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