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firefighters deploy to California
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Utah firefighters deploy to wildfires in southern California

WEST VALLEY CITY — About 100 firefighters are going from near-freezing temperatures in Utah to the hot blazes of southern California.

They left with their engines from the Maverik Center in West Valley City on Sunday morning.

This will be Uintah Firefighter Matt Trenery’s first wildland fire deployment.

“Talk about baptism by fire,” he said. “I mean, we’re going down there and trying to attack the beast, but the main thing is we want to take care of the people out there that are needing the help.”

The Utah firefighters will give support to their colleagues on the fire lines. Sheree Funk’s husband works for West Valley Fire.

“I love my firefighter,” she said. “Couldn’t be more proud. You worry. You can’t help but worry and just love them. It’s a lot of mixed emotions for sure.”

The firefighters will be gone for two weeks, meaning they’ll miss Thanksgiving with their families.