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Veterans Day in Utah: A time to remember and say thank you

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SALT LAKE CITY — Utah state leaders say on this Veterans Day, our state leads the way in helping vets and service members.

Ceremonies, assemblies and gatherings are scheduled all day long for Veterans Day. The executive director of Utah’s Department of Veterans and Military affairs, Gary Harter, says veterans are humble.

“They don’t usually want to talk about their service, they want to point to another veteran. And that’s also the case with needs,” he said.

Harter says many vets don’t want to claim services because they worry it will take away from others. But he says Utah is good at trying to anticipate and assess needs. People help military families, and businesses partner to hire military and veterans through programs like the Utah Patriot Partner program at the Utah Department of Workforce Services.


Harter says Utah is a patriotic state that other states look to as an example of how to help military members and their families.

“Everywhere I go and the activities I go on, they welcome veterans. We want to do what we can for those who serve or who have served, and their families as well.”

“This a great day, to allow us to say thank you to all those who have worn the uniform of our great country, whether it was in World War II, or they just signed up today,” said Harter. “I want to thank all those who have worn the uniform of our great country, and who wear it today. And their families. They have raised their right hand and sworn faithful service to their families and communities and their state and their nation, and I really appreciate it.”