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Orem vet asks veterans to share stories
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Veterans encouraged to tell stories during holiday ceremonies

OREM — This Veterans Day, a former fighter wants others like him to tell their stories about how they fought to protect the American way of life.

For example, former Marine Charles Anderson, 86, was shot five times in four days in the Korean War in 1950.

“I continued for several more days and then was evacuated because of the severe frostbite on my hands and feet,” he said.

Anderson lied about his age — claiming he was 18 and not 17 — to fight. He now wears a Purple Heart.

Retired Utah National Guard Lt. Col. Hank McIntire called to mind the recent death of Maj. Brett Taylor in Afghanistan, and his surviving wife and kids, in North Ogden.

“Jennie is now soldiering on with her children to face an uncertain future, but they have the comfort in knowing that they have given what our country appreciates most.”

McIntire was the keynote speaker at a Veterans Day event at the Orem City Cemetery.