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Utah family praises seatbelt use after close call

Troopers say seatbelt use saved the life of this driver, who suffered a medical issue and crashed into a semi, as well as the people in another vehicle that was involved in the crash.

KAYSVILLE — A Utah family says their experience should show every one to always wear a seatbelt.

Shantel Anderson had an errand to run recently in Bountiful, and she says they were driving back to their home in Ogden when they suddenly had a car come careening across the freeway to stop right in front of them.

“It does shock me that it happened that fast,” she said. “There were no cars in front of it, then all of a sudden the black car was just sideways in front of us.”

Anderson was wearing her seatbelt because her 8-year-old son Dallin had just bugged her to put it on.

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Photo: UHP

“With things like that, you could get hurt or pass away,” he said.

“I guess we do things when our kids bug us,” laughed Shantel, “because they are better at it than the law.”

Dallin was serious as he talked to reporters.

“It makes me worry if we get in another crash we could get hurt if we don’t wear a seatbelt,” he said.

The woman in the other car had suffered a medical issue and was hit by a semi, but UHP troopers say her life was saved as well because she was buckled in.

Troopers will have extra shifts through Thanksgiving reminding drivers to “click it or ticket.” They say you may think you are a good driver, but you can’t control what others do.

Utah Highway Patrol statistics show seatbelt use in Utah is around 89%, with women slightly more likely than men to buckle up. Truck drivers were less likely than drivers of other vehicles to wear seatbelts.

Research conducted in Utah shows when a loved one like Dallin asks an adult to buckle up, they are more likely to do so, which is why troopers are encouraging people to say something when they see a friend or family member in the car without a restraint.