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Remains of Major Brent Taylor arrives in Utah

(Photo Credit: Matt Herp)

SALT LAKE CITY – The long road home for Utah National Guard Major Brent Taylor is finally over.  The fallen soldier was brought to the Roland R. Wright Air National Guard Base in Salt Lake City, and hundreds of people were there to welcome him.

Before Taylor’s charter plane arrived, his wife, Jennie, read a statement on the Utah National Guard’s Facebook Live feed. She said, “On behalf of our family, I would like to thank you for being a part of this important homecoming.  He is finally returning home.”  She continued to say, “Today he comes home to so many of his friends, family members … and Major Taylor is also coming home to his brothers in arms. This is a tender day for all of us.”

Governor Gary Herbert greeted Taylor’s coffin on the runway.  It was quietly taken to a white hearse to make the trip to the mortuary in Ogden.  A public viewing is scheduled for this Friday at 5 p.m at the Dee Events Center.

(Photo Credit: Spenser Heaps)

The hearse was led by dozens of motorcycle officers, and followed by members of the Utah Patriot Guard Riders.  Naomi Dyal was one of the first riders to arrive at the base.

“[Taylor] is a hero.  He lost his life protecting us.  So we are honoring in the best way we can,” she says.

Dozens of people waited outside the base, taking time out of their work day to honor Taylor, including Bryan Koldewine (Cold-eh-wine), who works across the street.

“I think he’s an example to all of us of getting out and volunteering, serving our country and trying to help everybody out every day,” he says.