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OPINION: We need to rethink the way we give gifts

A new survey by SunTrust found nearly 7 in 10 Americans say they would skip gift exchanges if their family agreed to it. Almost 70% of people have problems with exchanging gifts!

Why? There’s always the chance it could create an embarrassing situation if the gift given and the gift received is extremely different in value. Or maybe it’s the worry over if the gift given is not as personal as the gift received.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than giving someone a gift card after they give you some memento that signifies all the good times you’ve had together. But c’mon!

I think people are getting too wrapped up in what other people think and are forgetting why we give gifts. It’s the same thing we tell our kids: It’s not about what you get but what you give. A gift represents our love and appreciation for someone. We can’t worry about what someone thinks of our gift or about keeping a tally of who gives gifts and who doesn’t.

We need to reclaim the spirit of giving gifts.

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