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Grandmother and child killed in Murray fire

A grandmother and 7-year-old girl died in the fire near 5700 S. and 700 W. in Murray.

MURRAY — A 7-year-old girl and a grandmother are dead after a house fire in Murray near 5700 S. and 700 W.

Fire officials say the girl’s mother and uncle were able to escape and were taken to a hospital to be checked out. The grandmother who died is the mother of the two who went to the hospital.

Murray fire crews say they had difficulty gaining access to the upstairs of the home after being called to respond to 700 W. Anderson Ave. about 7:30 Monday morning. Eventually, they were able to enter the upstairs area of the home, but found the grandmother and girl dead.

“They do what they can to save lives, but have to be careful about what they are going into,” said Murray Assistant Fire Chief Chad Pascua. “With the fire conditions and smoke conditions and the visibility issues, we fought the fire from outside until we could gain access inside.”

Pascua said there was a lot of property inside the home, and a lot of brush and trees closely surrounding the home.

“When you have conditions like that, it makes it difficult to put the fire out quickly,” he said.

He added that this was a very hard situation for the firefighters, to learn that two people died, especially during this time of year.

There’s no word yet on a cause or the identities of those who were killed.

This story will be updated.