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Ben McAdams to be Utah’s next Congressman

Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams gives victory speech in 4th Congressional District win at campaign headquarters November 19, 2018. (KSL File)

SALT LAKE CITY — It only took about two weeks from the Nov. 6 midterm election to find out who won the contested 4th Congressional District Race, but Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams appears to be Utah’s next Congressman.

Utah and Salt Lake counties both certified their final elections results Tuesday afternoon which effectively solidified a McAdams win. There were not enough votes in either county to swing the election in Mia Love’s favor or put the margin within recount territory.

Ben McAdams has already given a victory speech of sorts. He held a news conference Monday night at his campaign headquarters.

“At this point, my priority is to begin immediately reaching out to the Republicans, Independents, and Democrats in this district and work together to address all the tough challenges we face as a state and a country,” said McAdams.

He also took the time to thank Congresswoman Love for her service to Utah.

“I think it’s time now to put partisanship behind us, and the election behind us, and come together to work to support leaders and the policies that will what’s in the best interest of Utahns,” McAdams said.

Mia Love did not concede the race, but did issue a statement late Tuesday evening.

With McAdams to be Utah’s next Congressman, Mia Love’s statement:

In addition to flipping the 4th District to Democratic control, the Salt Lake County Clerk’s office says voter turnout in that county was nearly 82-percent.