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Travel rush underway at Salt Lake International

SALT LAKE CITY — Airports around the country are busy today. Salt Lake International is no exception.

Byron Garcia can’t wait to get back to Fresno.

“The last Thanksgiving, I wasn’t able to go home,” he said, because he was deployed. “I really want to go back and see my family.”

Salt Lake International expects 25,000 passengers on Thanksgiving Eve, including Army Specialist Justin Espe, who must wait until 6:00 p.m. to fly back to El Paso.

“Overall, Salt Lake City is a great experience, and I’ll definitely be back for some skiing, hopefully this winter,” Espe said.

“Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!”

The men spent the last three weeks training at Camp Williams with hundreds of other soldiers.

The military has opened some airspace today for commercial jets. Airlines have provided an extra 158,000 seats for the estimated 4.27 million flyers.