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E.coli in romaine lettuce? Shoppers weren’t going to buy it, anyway

SALT LAKE CITY — Thanksgiving shoppers aren’t too concerned with romaine lettuce contaminated with E. coli because, they say, the holiday meal is about anything but salad.

Melanie Erwin’s table with be covered with snow crab.

“Defrost it, and you get a big, boiling pot, corn, potatoes, shrimp, andouille sausage, and a boil oil, and just put it all in there,” she said.

Outside Smith’s Food and Drug at 828 S. 900 West, Margaret Hall says her family won’t miss romaine lettuce at their Thanksgiving dinner.

“They like to have soups and hot appetizers and turkey, so there really wasn’t any room for salad products,” Hall said.

“But we do eat a lot of romaine lettuce, so it’s something I’ve got to be mindful of in the future.”

The CDC tells us to throw out all romaine lettuce until investigators can find the contamination’s source.

They add washing it won’t kill possible E. coli bacteria contained therein.