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Christmas lights hung for Utah County man with cancer destroyed by vandals

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ELK RIDGE — A Utah County neighborhood is looking for answers after Christmas lights on a number of houses were cut last week. There’s more to the story than just property damage. The lights were hung months ago and had a special meaning.

“Most of those Christmas decorations were up before Halloween. You’d see a┬ájack-o’-lantern and some other stuff and then you’d see Christmas lights, too,” says Jerry Mason.

This was not just neighbors celebrating Christmas too early. These lights were put up for Jack Mason, Jerry’s identical twin brother, who was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. After discontinuing harmful radiation treatment and being given a short period of time to live, Jack requested one last Christmas.

“One of the things he loves the most is Christmas,” says Mason. “Some friends came over and put up all the lights on their house, and then the neighbors, us included, decided to follow suit.”

Jerry says he’s sure it was someone trying to play a practical joke, but feels the timing was wrong. He believes the lights were likely cut on or around the same day Jack died.

While the community is disappointed the special tribute was damaged, Jerry is just happy Jack had one more Christmas.