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Black Friday shopping
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Salt Lake shoppers looking for deals on Black Friday

A new poll shows many Utahns are uncomfortable with public events, as pandemic restrictions continue to ease across the state. (PHOTO: KSL file)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Shoppers who were looking for good bargains on Black Friday chose to seek them at a physical store rather than ordering online.

Morgan Campbell bought an Instant Pot at the Salt Lake Target store.

“It was $69.95, plus a $10 gift card,” said Campell.

“And it was regular $99.95,” interjected her mother Leslie Baird.

“It’s like a crockpot on steroids,” laughed Campbell. They are from Tooele and Rush Valley.

“Every year whether we buy anything or not, we come,” they said.

“I got a new vacuum cleaner because my kids destroyed the other one, I got plenty of clothing for the Sub for Santa kid that I have, so it’s all good,” said Maria Valez-Tuero as she left one store with a full cart.

Justin White drove from Ogden to Salt Lake City, stopping at every Target along the way, looking for a certain huge stuffed dog. He left the Salt Lake store with 7 piled high in his truck.

“I had one in there from Riverdale, but I needed more,” he said.

He had 11 total by the end of the day. White says his wife sent him on the errand because they thought it would be great gifts for their 4 boys and for their nieces and nephews.

It’s estimated people were ready to spend almost 5 percent more this year than they did last holiday season.