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Wreck it Wralph 2
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MOVIE SHOW: Ralph Breaks the Internet

Ralph Breaks the Internet (PG)

Rated PG for some action and rude humor

Steve’s Score: B+


To say Ralph Breaks the Internet is the biggest movie of the week would be an understatement.

“A good showing for a movie is between 2,200 screens and 2,800 screens and this one is opening in 3,800 and I’m guessing that some of these theaters will get one show, but they’ll put it on multiple screens,” said Doug Wright.

Six years ago our bad guy turned good guy Wreck it Ralph took to the screens in search of changing his storyline and moving from being a bad guy to a good guy. Now, six years later in both our time and theirs, Ralph is back at it again.

After the Sugar Rush game home to Ralph’s friend Vanellope is broken and with the fear of being unplugged, Ralph and Vanellope find a new addition in the arcade that might just help them save the day, a wi-fi router.

Hoping to be able to find a spare part to fix Vanellope’s arcade game, they off into this new world hoping to find eBay.

“At the beginning of this movie I thought ‘Oh dear, this is starting to look a little emoji-ish, like the emoji movie!’ But it quickly becomes apparent that this is much more than that, it’s a beautiful story with a serious tone about overdoing friendships.

“Because Ralph is so excited to have a friend in Vanellope, and she’s like ‘Dude I kind of want to go and be in this racing game over here,’ and he’s like ‘What!? Why would you do that!’

As they work through and explore their way through the internet trying to make some money so they can buy the part that will save Vanellope’s game, they take a few serious tones exploring the good and the bad of the internet.

“I don’t want to say this becomes a serious movie,” Said Steve, “but there are levels here where, they don’t dumb it down, but find a good way to talk about friendships and everything else.”

To hear more about this movie as well as Doug and Steve as they chat about the Green Book and Robinhood, as well as a surprise about the scene that Steve said almost stole the whole Wreck it Ralph movie check out the podcast below